Gardiner Dems: It’s Election Season. We Need Your Help Electing Democrats!

Tom Kruglinski and Lisa Lindsley wrote the following letter to Gardiner Democrats on September 14:

Dear Fellow Gardiner Democrat:

We hope this letter finds you well.  We are writing on behalf of the Gardiner Democratic Committee to inform you about the election this November 5th and to ask for your help in continuing the string of wins we have enjoyed recently that include:

  • Electing a new County Sheriff, Juan Figueroa, who is aligned with our Democratic principles
  • Electing a progressive Democrat, Gardiner resident Pat Ryan as County Executive
  • Electing Jen Metzger as our State Senator, which was key to helping flip the State Senate blue, which has since led to a boatload of progressive legislation passing in Albany
  • Electing Antonio Delgado to the U.S. House of Representatives, turning the 19th district from red to blue

THANK YOU for your help in making these important electoral gains! THANK YOU for voting and for your past support of our efforts.

This Year’s Election

This year there will be local elections for Town Supervisor and two Town Board members.  Our Democratic Candidates are Marybeth Majestic for Town Supervisor, Laura Walls and Franco Carucci for Town Board, and long-time Town Justice Bruce Blatchley.  Candidate profiles and our 2019 Campaign Platform are also at

For the first time in anyone’s memory this accomplished Gardiner Democratic slate is going unchallenged by the Republican Party.  That is good news because it ensures re-election of these fine public servants.  However  the lack of competition may dampen our Democratic turnout, which would be disastrous!

It is still vital that you support our campaign and come out to vote!  There are key county-wide races where our Gardiner campaign and get-out-the-vote efforts will make a difference.  Gardiner Dem turnout has recently been higher than other areas of the county.  Low turnout could hurt the hard-earned gains we have made.

The key county races needing your support are:

  • Pat Ryan for County Executive: Pat, a West Point graduate and combat veteran, was elected on April 30 to replace Mike Hein. He is the nominee in his current race for a full four-year term.  Pat has been relentless in his pursuit of progressive Democratic priorities at the county level since his election, including a Green New Deal for Ulster County.  His opponent is local Gardiner far right-winger Jack Hayes, who wants to bring Trumpism to Ulster County government.
  • Dave Clegg for District Attorney: Dave, a practicing attorney for 40 years, holds a powerful and progressive vision for a 21st century DA’s office that actively prosecutes dangerous criminals while making the county safer through effective prevention programs. Dave believes in restorative justice, where rehabilitation for low-level criminals is the right thing to do and saves taxpayer money.  Dave is in a tough race against traditional “throw them in jail” Republican, Mike Kavanaugh.
  • Tracey Bartels for County Legislature: our pro-environment, pro-Democratic values legislator was elected to the Chair of the Ulster County Legislature this past year.  She is responsible for the Ulster County Bring Your Own Bag Act and Styrofoam ban.  Tracey is in a fight against Republican and part-time Shawangunk resident Jordan Manley (his primary residence is in New York City).  Tracey’s seat is critical to Gardiner and to maintaining razor-thin Democratic control of the Legislature.
  • March Gallagher for Ulster County Comptroller: March is our Democratic nominee for this key position that guards your tax dollars and provides financial analysis and audits of county policy initiatives. She is an attorney and a long-time leader in Ulster County’s economic development.  She is in a race against Lisa Cutten, an accountant who lost the Democratic nomination to March and then turned around and accepted the Republican nomination for the position, despite promising the GDC and many others around Ulster that she would do no such thing if she lost the primary.

We Need Your Help!

Your engagement, participation—and yes, FINANCIAL SUPPORT—will be key to Democratic Victory this November.  Every campaign costs money—for advertisements, signs, campaign literature, and mailings.  It is important to fight Trumpism and the Republican agenda at every level of government.  We have set a goal of raising $10,000 to run a top-flight local campaign and get-out-the-vote effort here in Gardiner.  Please consider making a generous donation to the Gardiner Democratic Party.  Even a small amount will make a difference.  You can write a check and send it to Gardiner Democratic Committee, P.O. Box 145, Gardiner, NY 12525 (please include your physical address if not printed on your check).

If you have any questions, or if you would like to volunteer to help ELECT DEMOCRATS this year: please call one of us.

With respect,


Tom Kruglinski                                                                             Lisa Lindsley
Chair                                                                                               Vice Chair
(914) 475-3601 or                                (201) 321-0301 or

P.S. Did you know that you can vote early this year!?  Early Voting has reached New York State and is being rolled out in Ulster County in a big way! Early Voting will take place on ten days immediately prior to Election Day, November 5.  The closest location to Gardiner for early voting is at the Redeemer Lutheran Church, 90 Route 32 South in New Paltz.  For a list of all early voting locations and times, visit the Board of Elections website at

PPS: Sign up for our fundraiser on Thursday, October 3 from 6:30-8:30 at the home of our County Legislator, Tracey Bartels.  You will have a chance to meet the candidates and donate to the good cause of helping elect more Dems!

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