Gardiner’s Comprehensive Plan

In May of 2022, the Gardiner Town Board adopted an updated Comprehensive Plan that is available here.

The Comprehensive Plan includes the following Vision and Mission for the Town of Gardiner:


Our Vision for Gardiner is to make the Town an even more attractive and vibrant place for
people to make their home. To do this we need to solidify the protection of our environment:
including saving open space, ensuring water quality, sustaining our climate, and savoring our
agricultural heritage. Also, we need to improve Gardiner’s infrastructure and housing options
for current residents so we can offer a warm welcome to new families.


The Town of Gardiner is a community of great, active people in a special, rural landscape. This
landscape is, and should continue to be, a rich combination of agriculture, recreation and open
lands with residential and commercial development serving a growing resident need. The
Central hamlet of Gardiner, with other small hamlets at Ireland Corners, Tuthilltown, the
Mountain Gateway, and Benton Corners, will continue to provide a vitality and focus for
diversity of housing with accessible civic and commercial uses, making for a vibrant community.
Town decisions will help ensure that people have and continue to gain the services they need
and want to stay healthy, safe and successful. All development will be designed to be
sustainable and resilient in protecting the overall landscape of the Town, notably water
resources, the natural, scenic and agricultural features of the Wallkill River Valley, and the
natural and scenic features of the Shawangunk Ridge.