Thank You For Your Support

“All Politics is Local” – Tip O’Neill

July 18, 2017

Dear Fellow Democrats,

Thank you – for coming out this past Friday and voting to endorse the Gardiner Democratic Committee’s candidates. Because of your enthusiastic participation, Lisa Lindsley won the caucus vote 105-46 against her challenger, Marybeth Majestic. Lisa will appear on the Democratic line on November’s ballot as well as on the Working Families Party Line, the Women’s Equality Line and is endorsed by the Hudson Valley Labor Federation.

You also voted by acclimation to endorse David Dukler and Warren Wiegand for Town Board, Bob Rich for Town Justice, Michelle Mosher for Town Clerk and Brian Stiscia for Highway Superintendent. Friday’s caucus was a display of democracy at its best at the local level. Tracey Bartels is our candidate for County Legislator. Again, thank you!

29gardinerdemocratsltWe Democrats face a very tough local election in November and we are writing to ask for your financial help. Elections are expensive. The committee supports its candidates with ads, mailers, signs, events and printed handouts to encourage voters to come out and exercise their right to choose their representatives – a right that is being severely compromised on the federal level. Please help us elect candidates right here in Gardiner who reflect Democratic values. Whether the issue is town finance, taxes, the parks, open space or development, whom you elect will determine what laws are enacted on our behalf and what our town looks like now and well into the future. But we can’t do it without your financial support. We have great candidates – lets get them over the finish line!

A donation in any amount would help, but please be as generous as you can. Please use the DONATE button on our website to contribute. Or send a check payable to the Gardiner Democratic Committee to PO Box 145, Gardiner NY 12525.

Thank you!

The Gardiner Democratic Committee

The Gardiner Democratic Caucus is This Friday!


Democratic Caucus, Friday, July 14, 2017, 7 P.M. Democracy in Action in Gardiner

Vote this Friday to Choose Your Committee-Endorsed Town Candidates

Lisa Lindsley – Supervisor

David Dukler – Town Board

Warren Wiegand – Town Board

Bob Rich – Town Justice

Michelle Mosher – Town Clerk

Brian Stiscia – Highway Superintendent

What The Caucus Is All About 

Your vote is your voice! See you at the Caucus.

The Gardiner Democratic Committee

Lindsley Addresses Open Space Issues in New Video

The Gardiner Democratic Committee’s endorsed candidate for Town Supervisor, Lisa Lindsley, has released a new video in which she discusses her views on preserving Gardiner’s character and open space issues.  She addresses her vision of smart development, Planning Board concerns, and she differentiates herself from her opponent, the incumbent Town Supervisor.  Lindsley also calls on all Gardiner Democrats to attend the Democratic Caucus on July 14 at 7:00 pm at the Town Hall and support her quest to apply her progressive Democratic values to town government.

Take a look:


July 4 Exhortation

July 4, 2017

Dear Fellow Democrats,

A NY Times op-ed contributor recently posed the question, “How do you shame the shameless?”

The Trump Administration’s contempt for:

• The poor – especially poor children
• The unemployed
• The uninsured
• Non-white immigrants and refugees
• The press
• Women
• The right of Americans to vote……
goes unaddressed by Republicans in the House and Senate. In fact, the cruel “healthcare” bill passed in the House that will deprive 23 million citizens of health insurance was celebrated by Trump and the peoples’ “representatives” with beer and high five’s. Shameless, indeed.

Feeling furious and powerless is exhausting and unproductive. Action is the antidote and we are writing to give you an opportunity to take action right here in Gardiner. On Friday, July 14th, 7 P.M. at Gardiner Town Hall the Gardiner Democratic Committee is holding a caucus. There you will have the opportunity to vote for the endorsed candidates of the Committee, Lisa Lindsley, a founding member of MFNY, for Town Supervisor, incumbent Dave Dukler for Town Board, Warren Wiegand for Town Board, Bob Rich for Town Justice, Michelle Mosher for Town Clerk, and Brian Stiscia for Highway Superintendent. Your vote will determine who will be on the ballot in November.

Elect local leaders who reflect our Democratic values. Town Board members enact local laws that affect the quality of our lives. They also make appointments to boards, committees and commissions that oversee development and our natural resources, settle ethics issues and mediate assessment disputes.

Let’s elect the leaders we deserve. Make our democracy work right here in Gardiner.

See you at the caucus!

The Gardiner Democratic Committee