Your Generous Financial Support Keeps Gardiner Democrats Afloat.

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Your past support of Gardiner’s Democratic Party has enabled our Democratic elected officials to work on your behalf, achieve real victories like these over the past few years, and make Gardiner a great place to live.

However, we are always only one election away from the losing these hard-won gains. Our Republican/Trump supporter opponents are waiting in the wings to turn back the clock on progress.

Without funding support we will not be able to continue to work for progressive ideals. WE NEED YOUR ONGOING FINANCIAL SUPPORT*. Here’s how you can help financially:

  1. Write a generous check today to the Gardiner Democratic Committee and mail it to:Gardiner Democratic Committee
    P.O. Box 145
    Gardiner, NY 12525
  2. Make a generous and secure contribution online using PayPal by clicking the PayPal button:

    Also, if you are interested in helping us win by contributing your time, please volunteer.