March Gallagher for Ulster County Comptroller

March Gallagher grew up in Woodstock and currently lives in Rosendale.  She is running for Ulster County Comptroller, a position held recently by Elliott Auerbach.  March is an attorney and longtime public servant and community activist whose last position was the President and CEO of the Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley.  She is also the Chief Strategy Officer for the nonprofit Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress.  She has also worked in Ulster County Government Mike Hein and spent many years in private law practice.

March’s priorities as Comptroller are:

  • Smart Auditing. By taking a professional, objective and helpful approach to targeting waste, potential fraud and uncovering cost savings, March will use the office as an internal best practice consulting arm of the county. We have lots of great programs that could be even more effective with the right guidance and feedback.
  • Sharing Data. March will make county data easily accessible to the public, starting with vendor payments as open source data. This will increase the amount of trust and sense of accountability that residents have with local government and foster more productive conversations between both parties as collaborators, not adversaries.
  • Explaining County Issues. The Comptroller’s office reports serve to examine and communicate financial issues related to the efficiency and effectiveness of county operations and relate them back to the public. These reports are important; not only should they be easily accessible, but they should be engaging, easy to understand, and have clear actions or next steps that elected leaders and citizens can take to further engage with the subjects at hand.

In June, March won the Democratic nomination for Comptroller by almost a two-to-one margin over Lisa Cutten, a county employee.  Cutten had promised throughout her primary run that if she lost the nomination to March, she would not run as a Republican.  Cutten then promptly went back on her word and signed on with the Republicans.  This does not inspire trust in an office that should be above reproach.

Learn More About March on her website and her Facebook page.