Warren Wiegand for Gardiner Town Board (Post #1)

I am a candidate for the Gardiner town board in the November 7 election.

I’ve worked for the people of Gardiner for more than 15 years. first, I was a member of the board of assessment insuWarren Croppedring that taxpayers’ property assessments were fair. Next I started Gardiner’s effort to protect open space from development, resulting in the Gardiner’s first open space law and saving two farms and over 200 acres from development. Then, I was the chair of the new library’s fund-raising campaign, which resulted in the construction of Gardiner’s new library which has become the center of our community.

I served 8 years on the town board, where I was chosen to be the deputy supervisor by my fellow town board members. while on the town board, I focused on keeping Gardiner’s roads, bridges, and highway equipment up to date and keeping taxes affordable, especially for seniors and young families. Additionally, I worked to protect Gardiner’s assets, including the sale of the old library for $100,000 and the recovery of $129,000 from a settlement of a series of law suits. And, for the last 1 ½ years, I have served on the planning board, protecting property owners and open space.

I hope you will support me in November, so I can continue to serve our community.

Warren Wiegand
Gardiner, NY

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