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Faso Unmasked

March 22, 2017
Dear Fellow Democrats,
During last November’s election, Republican Representative John Faso promised the citizens of the 19th District that he would govern as a moderate. The fact is that Faso has voted with the Trump agenda 91% of the time. It was Faso who cast the deciding vote that moved Trumpcare out of the House Budget Committee last Thursday. Without his vote, the bill cou l d not have come to the House floor. Now Mr. Faso tells us that when the vote is taken on Thursday, he will vote yes on Trumpcare.

Despite continuous actions (Faso Fridays in Kingston), numerous personal pleas, phone calls, posts on Facebook, emails and letters to the Editor, Mr. Faso has betrayed the people of his district in favor of his party. His vote will deprive 93,000 of his constituents of health insurance. It will give huge tax breaks- $600-$700- billion to the wealthiest as well as tax breaks to Big Pharma and insurance companies. It will cut Medicaid payments to hospitals and nursing homes. And, it will defund Planned Parenthood.
Call John Faso’s office or leave a comment on his Facebook page or website. Let him know what you think about his proposed vote as well.

Kinderhook: < a href="tel:518-610-8133">518-610-8133
Kingston: 845-514-2322
Delhi: 607-746-9537
D.C.: 202-225-5614

March 26, Sunday, 3 P.M. at Gardiner Town Hall, Move Forward NY will review progress and plans at a general meeting. Meet potential candidates for Republican John Faso’s seat in the 2018 election. All are welcome!

The Gardiner Democratic Committee

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