Gardiner Election Results

Victory in 2018

The Gardiner Democratic Committee would like to thank everyone who helped in this year’s tremendous victory. Whether you called, canvassed, donated, wrote postcards, worked on election day or just contacted friends and neighbors we thank you. We were fortunate to have the support of many Gardiner residents who had never been politically active before. Early in the year, our committee decided to focus all our efforts on the three critical elections for Congress, state senate and Ulster County Sheriff.  We knew that if we could help elect Antonio Delgado, Jen Metzger and Juan Figueroa we could help bring about fundamental change to our country, our state, and our county.

As you can see below, the efforts all paid off. The turnout of 2976 voters was the largest in any non-presidential election in Gardiner’s recent history. It was about 50% greater than the normal off-year totals. The pluralities we provided to Antonio, Jen, and Juan of about 1000 votes were critical to their election.

 2018 Gardiner Election Totals:

State Senator District 42

Jen Metzger 1950   Annie Rabbitt 986

Congressional District 19

Antonio Delgado 1945   John Faso 945

Ulster County Sheriff

Juan Figueroa 1875  Paul VanBlarcum  1060

We look forward to working with all 3 of these wonderful new office holders in the coming years. We expect great things especially at the state level where the Republicans can no longer defeat progressive legislation on many issues.

Thanks again for all your help. We look forward to working together on the county and local races next year. Many of us are going to see Juan sworn in as Sheriff on Dec. 28 at the Ulster County Courthouse at noon. All are welcome.

Gardiner Democratic Committee

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