A Letter to Gardiner Democrats–VOTE TUESDAY!

Dear Fellow Democrats,

In advance of Tuesday’s Primary Election, we want to share two quotes with you that we feel are particularly timely.

  1.  “Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us.  The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not
    March End Ryan

    Pat and student activists at the completion of his 30-mile march, to fight for sane gun laws, from FDR’s home to Faso’s Kingston office.

    a President and Senators and Congressmen and Government Officials, but the voters of this country.”

  2. “Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.”

These words were spoken over 80 years ago by Franklin Roosevelt, yet they seemed tailored for the political crisis we find ourselves in today.

  • If you are tired of the blatant corruption, vote!
  • If you are tired of the unending lies, vote!
  • If you are tired of the soulless and complicit Republican Congress, vote!
  • If you are tired of the racism, homophobia, xenophobia and misogyny, vote!
  • If you are tired of the dismantling of our democratic institutions and the courting of demagogues, vote!
  • If you are tired of the self-dealing of an incurious, craven, incompetent and dangerous chief executive and his family, vote!
  • If you are tired of images of innocent babies and children ripped from their mothers and warehoused for political reasons, vote!
  • If you are tired of Congressman Faso and his toadying to Trump and the NRA, vote!

On June 26th, we have the opportunity to take back our country one Congressional District at a time. We strongly urge you to cast your vote for West Point graduate, veteran and 5 generation resident, Pat Ryan because we strongly believe that he has the best chance to beat Faso in November.  The priority is to take back our district and that means winning the votes of those who live in the red and purple districts north and west of us. “According to the NYS Board of Elections (as of April 2018), there are 157,000 Democratic +Green +Working Family Party-registered voters.  There are 158,000 Republicans + Conservative-registered voters, and 157,000 “other” voters.  These are virtually identical “thirds.”DEMOCRATS CANNOT WIN THIS ALONE.”

Veteran and Small Business Owner Pat Ryan Releases Poll Showing him as the Strongest Democrat Who Can Beat Faso in November

Through our votes, we have the power to change the story.  Call friends, neighbors and family.  Tell them what’s at stake.  Our country is unrecognizable.  We have the power to restore it to sanity.

Democratic Primary:  Tuesday, June 26th

Vote where you normally do

The polls are open 12 to 9

The Gardiner Democratic Committee


An Open Letter In Support of Pat Ryan for Congress

Dear Neighbor,

Pat Ryan2

We, the undersigned, are fellow residents living in NY’s 19th Congressional District, and we support Pat Ryan as the Democratic candidate for Congress in the June 26th primary. As you likely know, there are 7 candidates competing for the nomination. We have been following this race closely. Each of us has hosted or attended numerous speaking events featuring many or all of the individual candidates. We have had opportunities to chat with them one-on-one. It has been, for each of us, painstaking to select the one candidate for whom to vote, because it is a truly excellent slate of candidates, with each of them being, in our estimation, true and dedicated progressives. We’d be more than happy to have any of them be our Congressional representative. We have, however, finally decided on Pat Ryan as our choice. We’d like to tell you why.

We believe electability in November is the #1 issue to be decided on June 26th. Our American democracy is in peril. This is an ‘all hands on deck’ historical moment. Regaining Democratic control of the House of Representatives, which brings power of oversight, control of the legislative agenda, and committee chairmanships, must be our highest priority. We believe Pat Ryan is the most electable candidate. The winner in this primary must capture Democratic votes as well as many others. Gaining votes from amongst registered Republicans and non-affiliated voters is an absolute numerical requirement. According to the NYS Board of Elections (as of April 2018), there are 157,000 Democratic + Green + Working Family Party- registered voters. There are 158,000 Republicans + Conservative-registered voters, and 157,000 “other” voters. These are virtually identical ‘thirds’. Democrats cannot win this alone.

We believe that of all the candidates, Pat can best “get out” the Democratic vote in November, can win many votes from “independent, non-affiliated” people, and can also win votes from the many centrist, moderate Republicans who are disgusted with Faso and Trump. We feel Pat has a clear advantage over the other candidates in this absolutely essential way.

Pat’s local roots (born and raised in Kingston with extensive family connections in Ulster County), his education and military service (West Point Graduate with Honors, served two tours as an army officer in Iraq, masters degree from Georgetown University), and his fundraising prowess (second-highest fundraiser in the field) all make him the strongest candidate with the greatest crossover appeal. His experience and success in the field of cyber-security show management talent. He is bright, youthful, and he exudes a calm, commanding leadership style. He is well-spoken, genuine, and affable. He believes in seeking conciliation and building bridges.

Pat is the only veteran among the candidates. As witnessed in other recent races, veterans are more apt to vote for other veterans. Also, Pat has made gun safety the cornerstone of his campaign, and as a veteran, he can speak to this issue with authority. Voters of all party affiliations may be more inclined to embrace a gun safety message when delivered by a veteran. On other issues, Pat wants far-reaching and progressive health care reform. He takes a reasonable approach to transitioning to a Medicare-for-All system, an approach also advocated, among others, by progressive NY Times columnist and Nobel laureate Paul Krugman. Pat supports protecting Title X funding, women’s and adolescent health, full funding of Planned Parenthood, a woman’s right to choose, equal pay for women, and paid family leave.

Pat is pro-science and understands the urgency of fighting climate change. Pat wants to assume a leadership role in the effort to install safeguards against invasion of internet privacy and for protection of personal data. His education and work experience equip him well for this task. Pat also takes progressive stands on combating income inequality, on campaign finance reform, and on fighting voter discrimination and gerrymandering. Pat believes in the value of diversity, has called the Muslim travel ban “despicable,” and wants Congressional passage of comprehensive immigration reform. For his views on other issues, you can look at patryanforcongress.com.

We pledge to actively and wholeheartedly support whichever Democrat wins the primary, but we think Pat Ryan is a great candidate who will also be the most “electable” come November. We’d be delighted to see him serve in Congress. Please join us and cast your vote for Pat Ryan in the Democratic primary on June 26th.

Signed (in alphabetical order),

Roman Arzhintar, High Falls
Doug Baz, Barrytown
Rich Bennek, Clermont
Michael Billeci, Red Hook
Hannah Black, Dutchess Cty Legislature Minority
Leader, Hyde Park
Carolyn Marks Blackwood, Rhinecliff
Debra Blalock (former Dutchess Cty Legislator), Milan
Edward Blundell, Mayor, Village of Red Hook
Maryelisa Blundell, Red Hook
Patricia Cadley, Red Hook
Anne Canzonetti, Woodstock
Matt Canzonetti, Woodstock
Arnold Cardillo, Clinton Corners
Suzanne Coffy-Iskowitz, Woodstock
Harry Colgan, Tivoli
Liz Cullers, Red Hook
Tim Delaney, Hurley
Susan Ezrati, Trustee, Village of Tivoli
Linda Faber, Rhinebeck
Jane Ferguson, Red Hook
Carl Frankel, Kingston
Mark Fuerst, Rhinebeck
Martha Gershon, Rhinebeck
Joy Harris, Rhinebeck
Tim Hunter, Gardiner
Sarah Imboden, Councilperson, Town of Red Hook
Joel Iskowitz, Woodstock
Lynn Itzkowitz, Rhinebeck
Nan Jackson, Staatsburg
Bill Jeffway, Town Board member, Milan
Christopher Kennan, Millerton
Mike Kruglinski, Gardiner
Tom Kruglinski, Gardiner
Gerald Kufner, Rhinebeck
Catherine Laing, Red Hook
Charlie Laing, Trustee, Village of Red Hook

Barry Levy, Woodstock
Robyn Levy, Woodstock
Jack Kelly, Milan
Alison Lankenau, Tivoli
John Lankenau, Tivoli
Alice Linder, Milan
Arlene London, Red Hook
Gretchen Lytle, Rhinebeck
David Marshall, Milan
Kim Mayer, Gardiner
Shannon Miller, Milan
Stephanie Minerley, Milan
Jennifer Neufeld, Rhinebeck
Mary Anne O’Malley Red Hook
Deborah Franke Ogg, Shokan
Ruth Oxenberg, Livingston
Sharlene Oyagi, Red Hook
Larry Packer, Accord
Jennifer Powers, Rhinebeck
Greg Quinn, Clinton
Karen L. Rauter, Halcott Center
Gabrielle Raven, Woodstock
Caroline Rider, Red Hook
Patricia Lee Rode, Hudson
Michael Roomberg, Red Hook
Halley Roomberg, Red Hook
Franz Safford, Red Hook
Elizabeth Sayner, High Falls
Robert A. Schumer, Livingston
John Schmitz, Barrytown
Barbara Sides, Gardiner
Steven Siegel, Milan
Lara Flowers Simmons, Tivoli
James A. Steinberg, Rhinebeck
Brooke Stevens, Red Hook
Emily Svenson, Councilperson, Hyde Park
Christopher Tavener, Rhinebeck
Joy Taylor, Milan
David Teisler, Red Hook
Caitilin Twain, Staatsburg
Michael Ullman, Clinton Corners
Nancy Ullman, Clinton Corners
Bud Upshaw, Rhinebeck
Martha Upshaw, Rhinebeck
Stephen Weir, Gardiner
Kathryn Windley, Milan
Sheri Winston, Kingston
Severin Winter, Woodstock
Jacek Wojtowicz, Rhinebeck
Wendy Wynberg, Woodstock

See you at the polls!
The Gardiner Democratic Committee

Immigration Disaster

Dear Fellow Democrats,

The jack booted Trump Administration’s cruel and inhumane immigration policy now includes ripping screaming, terrified children from their mothers and housing them in detention centers. Our nation’s moral leadership has been squandered by a dangerous, incompetent, corrupt, narcissist. Trump neither understands nor respects the duties of his office, nor does he recognize the limits placed on his powers by our Constitution. Worse, the complicit, soulless Republican Congress aids and abets this disgraceful, unlawful behavior while so called “Christian” leaders bow down to their cruel idol.

What to do? Call, write, march, donate – and VOTE! Take back our country one Congressional District at a time, starting with our own CD 19. We have a Primary election coming up one week from today. Call your friends, neighbors and family. Remind them of the importance of this race – the 10th most watched CD race in the country. Faso, a slick lobbyist, financed by the NRA and Mercer family has voted against his constituent’s interest and with the Trump agenda 90% of the time. Let’s send him the message: Times Up! You don’t represent us and we will replace you. Release him to collect his Wall Street paycheck.

Elect the Gardiner Democratic Committee’s endorsed candidate, Pat Ryan. A graduate of West Point who served 2 tours of duty in Iraq, Pat is running to take back his country from an internal threat – Trump and the Republican Congress. He has told our committee that he did not fight and risk his life and the lives of the men and women he commanded to defend an administration that is tearing apart our democratic institutions and squandering our moral leadership. He is passionate, determined, a Progressive: (see patryanforcongress.com ), tough AND he can beat Faso. His military service opens doors for him in the red areas of our sprawling district. His Progressive agenda attracts voters here in Gardiner and New Paltz.

This race will come down to a few hundred votes. Every vote counts. Be part of the blue wave!

See you at the polls!

The Gardiner Democratic Committee