Immigration Disaster

Dear Fellow Democrats,

The jack booted Trump Administration’s cruel and inhumane immigration policy now includes ripping screaming, terrified children from their mothers and housing them in detention centers. Our nation’s moral leadership has been squandered by a dangerous, incompetent, corrupt, narcissist. Trump neither understands nor respects the duties of his office, nor does he recognize the limits placed on his powers by our Constitution. Worse, the complicit, soulless Republican Congress aids and abets this disgraceful, unlawful behavior while so called “Christian” leaders bow down to their cruel idol.

What to do? Call, write, march, donate – and VOTE! Take back our country one Congressional District at a time, starting with our own CD 19. We have a Primary election coming up one week from today. Call your friends, neighbors and family. Remind them of the importance of this race – the 10th most watched CD race in the country. Faso, a slick lobbyist, financed by the NRA and Mercer family has voted against his constituent’s interest and with the Trump agenda 90% of the time. Let’s send him the message: Times Up! You don’t represent us and we will replace you. Release him to collect his Wall Street paycheck.

Elect the Gardiner Democratic Committee’s endorsed candidate, Pat Ryan. A graduate of West Point who served 2 tours of duty in Iraq, Pat is running to take back his country from an internal threat – Trump and the Republican Congress. He has told our committee that he did not fight and risk his life and the lives of the men and women he commanded to defend an administration that is tearing apart our democratic institutions and squandering our moral leadership. He is passionate, determined, a Progressive: (see ), tough AND he can beat Faso. His military service opens doors for him in the red areas of our sprawling district. His Progressive agenda attracts voters here in Gardiner and New Paltz.

This race will come down to a few hundred votes. Every vote counts. Be part of the blue wave!

See you at the polls!

The Gardiner Democratic Committee

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