Changes to Absentee Ballot Procedures

Big Changes to Absentee Ballot Processes to Begin with June 28 Primary
This year the NY State Legislature passed, and the Governor signed, a sweeping package of election law changes designed to make it easier to vote.  One set of provisions affects absentee ballot procedures, so if you regularly vote by absentee ballot or if you anticipate doing so this year, please read on.
A Key Change for Absentee Voters
The new law requires that absentee ballots be counted prior to Election night, rather than afterward as has been the case.  It used to be the case that someone who requested and received an absentee ballot could show up to the polls on Election Day (or at early voting) and cast a regular ballot which would then negate their absentee ballot (whether or not it had actually been returned to the Board of Elections).  That is no longer the case.
In the future, beginning with the June 28 primary, anyone who is issued an absentee ballot will not be able to cast a regular ballot on Election Day or at Early Voting.  They may, at their discretion, cast only an affidavit ballot at the polls.  If the completed absentee ballot was received by the BOE, then the affidavit ballot would not be counted.
You Will Be Able to Track Your Absentee Ballot
Also, voters who request absentee ballots will be able to track their request and whether their ballot was issued, received, or counted via a special website run by the BOE.  This website will be live on April 1,.  Stay tuned to either this website or the County BOE site for more information on the absentee ballot tracking site.
Below is a chart, prepared by the BOE, to summarize these key changes in the law.

For all voters who have previously applied for an absentee ballot, including absentee voters who have selected the Permanent absentee ballot option, ballots will be issued on May 13. After May 13 applications will be approved and processed within 48 hours of being received by the Board.


To stay up to date on information regarding absentee balloting, or to request an absentee ballot, visit the Ulster County BOE website.  The BOE will also be conducting a public relations campaign to communicate changes to voters.

Gardiner Dems Update–March 2022

Dear Fellow Gardiner Dems and Friends:
You have not had an update from us since shortly after the last election. We have actually been quite busy since the first of the year and this email is intended to bring you up to date.
Democracy Under Siege
If you follow politics and public affairs at all, you know that since the Trump administration, our (small-d) democracy has been under assault, most significantly by the January 6, 2021 insurrection and by a raft of new laws, predominantly in red states, seeking to disenfranchise voters and swing elections toward Republican candidates by actions by state and local election officials and legislatures.  In Congress, efforts to reverse these measures have not been successful, predominantly because of the slim majorities Dems hold.
Accordingly, we MUST defend our incumbent Democratic office holders from a Republican onslaught and increase our majorities in both the House and Senate at the national level, as well as shore up our Democratic majorities in both houses of the the New York State Legislature.
The 2022 Election
This year our excellent Congressman Antonio Delgado is up for re-election, as well as our Senator (and Senate Majority Leader) Chuck Schumer.  In addition, the first woman Governor of the State of New York, Kathy Hochul, is up for election.  We must keep New York solidly blue by re-electing these extraordinary leaders in November.
In the State Senate and Assembly, districts have been redrawn in accordance with the 2020 census and all of Ulster County will be Senate District 48, represented (should she be re-elected) by Michelle Hinchey, a young and dynamic legislator who has a strong record of accomplishment in Albany.
While there were changes to State Assembly District 103, it still includes Gardiner.  That district is represented by incumbent Kevin Cahill.  Kevin has a strong 20-year record of legislative accomplishment and is one of the most influential members of the State Assembly.  He is being challenged in the June 28 primary by a candidate of the Democratic Socialists of America who hasno public service experience.  The Gardiner Dems have endorsed Kevin Cahill for re-election.
For a complete run-down of all the election district changes, please visit
What the Gardiner Dems Are Doing
In January, the Gardiner Democratic Committee held a strategic planning session to get ready for an election year that will hold extraordinary importance for our democracy.  We identified three action areas that are of prime importance to us here in Gardiner:
  1. Voter Outreach.  The Gardiner Dems have decided to take part in an Ulster County Democratic Committee effort called Neighbor-to-Neighbor (N2N).  N2N is a program of “relational canvassing” designed with three goals in mind: to build community, to engage voters, and to increase turnout.  To learn more about N2N and understand how you can be a part of it, visit our website at this link:
  2. Constituent Communication.  The Gardiner Dems will build a concrete communications infrastructure to communicate effectively with all of our voters.  We are doing this primarily by developing a new and strong database of our voters to communicate to them not just messages like this, but also timely updates from our Democratic Elected officials at all levels of government.  Stay tuned for more.  In addition, we are hosting a Spring Town Hall Series, the first of which will be on April 3 in the Gardiner Town Hall, featuring County Executive Patrick Ryan and Gardiner County Legislator and Chair of the Ulster County Legislature, Tracey Bartels.  Future town halls will be held on May 22nd and June 12th and are in the planning stages.  Stay tuned for details.
  3. Fundraising.  Winning elections cost money: signs, advertisements, printed material (palm cards and other literature, newspaper inserts), lawn signs, political events, and direct monetary contributions to our endorsed candidates. The Gardiner Dems have set an ambitious goal of raising locally $8,000 by October 2 and spending all of it on electing Democrats.  Our only fixed costs are our website, the email service that got this message to you today, and a post office box.  We don’t pay for space or employees or anything else.  We are powered by 100% volunteer labor and are always interested in attracting more volunteers to make our work lighter and more effective.

    We will hold at least two fundraising events this year, which are in the planning stages.  Please stay tuned.  Also, please consider making a generous and secure donation at our website.  Every dollar is well-spent on electing Democrats and is greatly appreciated.

THANK YOU for reading this long message and for your ongoing support.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.
Tom Kruglinski, Chair
Gardiner Democratic Committee