Brian Stiscia for Gardiner Highway Superintendent

Gardiner Highway Superintendent, Brian Stiscia, is seeking re-election to a new 4-year term in that role.  He has been employed with the Town of Gardiner Highway Department since 1993 where he worked his way upward in rank through the years.  He was first elected to the Superintendent’s role in 2014.

Brian Stiscia is a lifelong Gardiner resident. In addition to his duties as Gardiner Highway Superintendent, Brian is Past Chief of the Gardiner Town Fire Department and currently serving in the role of Assistant Chief.  He has served as a dedicated volunteer member of the fire department for over 35 years.

During his tenure as Highway Superintendent, he has been responsible for upgrading the fleet and instituting a vehicle replacement schedule, selling existing equipment while it still holds value in order to efficiently manage all town highway equipment.

Brian has been creative in managing Gardiner’s highway budget; utilizing the Shared Service Agreement with Ulster County, and effectively taking advantage of NY State Road Reimbursement programs and unexpended funds to provide value to the town. This value allows the town to pave more roads without increasing the highway tax burden on Gardiner taxpayers.

Under Brian’s leadership the Highway Department built and maintains a good and productive working relationship with Gardiner’s neighboring Highway Departments and Ulster County Shared Services.  These good relationships pay off in a variety of ways, providing teamwork in the provision of road services, including winter snow plowing.  Gardiner residents know that they can depend on the Highway Department, under Brian’s leadership, in all four seasons, but especially in winter.

Brian Stiscia looks forward, during his next term to

  • Keeping upgrading Gardiner’s infrastructure;
  • Maintaining equipment replacement schedule;
  • Continuing to monitor and maintain the highway budget;
  • Maintaining an open communication and good working relationship with the Gardiner Town Board; and, most importantly,
  • Keeping the Town of Gardiner Town Roads safe.

Where there is a will to enhance service and value to Gardiner, Brian will find a way.  He thanks Gardiner residents and asks for their continued support.