Why I Am Supporting Lisa Lindsley for Gardiner Town Supervisor

I am supporting Lisa Lindsley for election to the office of Gardiner Town Supervisor on November 7. Lisa is the best candidate in the race for the following reasons: First and foremost, she is the most qualified. Lisa brings a level of management expertise we haven’t seen in Gardiner for a long time. She is a superbly educated and successful businesswoman with a long career in banking and business consulting who is ready to put those skills to work for our town.

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Second, her values and priorities are in the right place—she stands for something. Her democratic values precluded the “run-on-any-ticket-that-will-have-me” approach that we see in other candidates for local office. She believes in and acts on her value of environmentalism and maintaining Gardiner’s non-sprawl rural environment. She believes in and acts on her value of sticking up for the little guy and not the moneyed interests. She will fight for ordinary Gardiner citizens and not those seeking to cash-in on Gardiner’s beauty.
Third, her team leadership capabilities are superb. She has led many high-performance teams in her business and political life. We certainly need that in Gardiner. She is a people-person and an excellent listener who gets things done. I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa closely and can attest to her determination, work ethic, creativity and intelligence. I have spent 30 years as professional trainer, leadership consultant, and human resources executive and have worked with hundreds of leaders over the years, in business, labor, health care and government. Lisa is one of the very best I have seen.
Finally, Lisa Lindsley has the courage and grit to, as a relatively recent Gardiner resident, take on one of the most famous names in Gardiner because she cares and knows she can do better. Such a choice says something about the character and guts she brings to the table.
Lisa Lindsley is the real thing, the full package. Vote for Lisa Lindsley on November 7.

Tom Kruglinski


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