Majestic Wins by Narrow Margin

Following an absentee ballot count, Democratic challenger Lisa Lindsley conceded the race for Gardiner Town Supervisor to incumbent Marybeth Majestic and congratulated Majestic on her victory. Majestic prevailed by a margin of 20 votes.

“The close results were an important message from advocates of open, progressive local government,” said Lindsley. “Voters are watching closely and are no longer going to let the old boy network run Gardiner unimpeded.”

Gardiner Democratic Committee Vice Chair Barbara Sides, who witnessed the ballot count, said “Our Town Board nominees were victorious. The fact that the Supervisor race came down to 20 votes is indicative of the opposition to the incumbent’s attitude that all land development is good for Gardiner and that the same entrenched interests should be appointed and re-appointed to our boards and commissions.

Gardiner Democrats meet on the second Thursday of every month at 7pm in the Gardiner Town Hall. For more information, visit

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