Lindsley’s “Gutsy” Declaration of Her Values

The following letter was reprinted, with permission of the author, from the October 26 issue of the New Paltz Times

At the Gardiner Democratic Party Caucus last July 14, Lisa Lindsley sought and received the Party’s nomination for Town Supervisor in the upcoming November 7 general election.  Before being elected, in her brief speech, Lisa had told the audience that she “never would run as a Republican,” which underlined one significant difference between her and her opponent, another Democrat–Marybeth Majestic. Marybeth already had publicly stated that if she lost the Democratic nomination, she would the seek the Republican Party’s nomination. Win or lose at the Democratic Caucus, Marybeth planned to be on the November ballot; whether she ran as a Democrat or a Republican, mattered not.Democratic Values

“I never would run as a Republican.”  I have thought a lot about Lisa Lindsley’s statement and have come to believe that it reveals important information about who she is.  And I like what I learned.

First, it’s a gutsy thing to say.  She is being honest, forthright and yeah, courageous–qualities that voters should look for, value and appreciate in their elected representatives. Leaders who possess, model and expect these critical qualities in others, unite us and strengthen our resolve to make our Community better for everyone.

Second, it’s a smart, knowledgeable, and confident thing to say.  Lisa Lindsley’s communication skills are excellent; she does her homework and she knows and feels good about who she is.  She pays attention; she listens and responds to what you have to say.  She talks with you, not at you. She is informed about what you care about. She shares her thoughts clearly, openly and succinctly.

Third, Lisa Lindsley’s statement shows a commitment to principles and core values.  There are fundamental differences in the philosophies, policies and goals of  the Republican and Democratic Parties. And those differences matter at every level of government and in every Community, including the Town of Gardiner. Given those fundamental differences, how can one candidate be committed to both political parties?

What about those differences in philosophy, policies and goals?

As a voter, I need to know where the Town candidates stand on those very issues where there are substantive differences between Democrats and Republicans because these issues deeply affect every Community.  I want everyone to feel safe and secure.  Everyone should have access to affordable health care.  Every child should have the opportunity for a quality public school education.   Economic and political favoritism for the wealthy and big businesses doesn’t trickle down to benefit the masses.  Eleven million undocumented immigrants shouldn’t be deported. The government has a responsibility to protect and preserve our environment. Women should have access to quality reproductive care.  Gun control is an urgent need. Voter ID requirements needlessly and wrongly suppress election participation.  Political contributions should not be secret.

A Candidate’s political party affiliation matters.  For a candidate, to be comfortable running in a particular election as a Democrat OR a Republican concerns and confuses me.

But I know who Lisa Lindsley is, where she stands and what she will try to do for the people in my Community.  And I like what I know.  I am supporting Lisa Lindsley, the Democratic Candidate for Gardiner Town Supervisor.

Maryann Fallek
Gardiner, New York

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