Jen Metzger for County Executive

Jen Metzger was elected County Executive last November (2022) to the unexpired term of Pat Ryan, which was one year (from January 2023 through December 2023.  She is now running for a full four-year term as Ulster County Executive.  In her short time as County Executive, and in her previous elected office, State Senator, she has proven to be a real leader, especially on issues related to the environment, housing, equal rights, economic development, mental health services, broadband access, and more.  Since taking office she has built upon Pat Ryan’s accomplishments and shown that she has the ability to lead in the executive realm as well as in the legislative arena.  We are truly lucky to have her.

Jen is unchallenged this year by anyone, either from within the Democratic Party or from the Republicans, which means she will not be distracted from her service to the people of Ulster County.

For more on Jen’s background and priorities, or to make a contribution, please go to her campaign website.

To find out about more specific county issues or to seek help on any particular issue, please go to her official County Executive website.