Warren Wiegand for Town Board

Warren Wiegand is running for re-election to the town board.  Warren is a familiar face to most of us in Gardiner and an outstanding member of the board.  He is well known for his hard work, creative solutions to town problems, and his ability to work collaboratively with his fellow board members.  Warren has served twelve years on the Town Board, including eight as Deputy Supervisor.  He also served two years each on the Planning Board, the Board of Assessment Review, and the Open Space Commission.  His involvement with the Gardiner Library is extensive, including serving as chair of its Capital Committee.  Among Warren’s many accomplishments are co-authoring the town’s Open Space Law and resurrecting the Open Space Commission after a multi-year period of dormancy.  He led in protecting the Hess and Kiernan farms from future development  Warren is known as a fiscal hawk who leads in maintaining financial discipline in town and keeping taxes as low as possible.  Warren also led in efforts to limit nighttime noise at the Jellystone Campground.

During his time out of public office, Warren has continued to serve, currently as a member of the Gardiner Planning Board.  He is intensely interested in continuing his work on the Town’s behalf in the areas of sound financial management and infrastructure investment as well as smart development.