Democrats believe in addressing problems actively through good government.  Elected Democrats in Gardiner town government have been the singular force responsible for numerous noteworthy accomplishments for the town in recent years, including the following:

Town Operations Accomplishments

  • Managed town facilities and operations effectively during COVID emergency, including installing tempered glass at counters in town hall, along with hand sanitizing machines, to assist with COVID 19 precautions; only minimal disruption of town services were experienced
  • Instituted annual multi-Board meetings to improve communication between the various town boards and commissions
  • Invested in Building Department: hired full-time Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer and part-time Building Inspector to meet the growing needs of the town
  • Invested in a new, more user-friendly town website
  • Invested in a new VOIP phone system, bringing us up to date while saving money
  • Invested in a new audio-visual system to accommodate hybrid (virtual and in-person) and  meetings, ensuring continued and improved public engagement
  • Collaborated (Town Board and town hall employees) and coordinated the delivery of meals to residents who were at highest risk for COVID, as well as those impacted by loss of income
  • Made internet access at town hall and meeting rooms secure
  • Increased resident participation in town governance
  • Consolidated services, we hired a shared assessor with the Town of Plattekill
  • Replaced three aged unsafe Highway Department trucks with three large new trucks

Physical Infrastructure Accomplishments

  • Made numerous improvements to the town hall including:  painting exterior and minor repairs to structure, replaced front and center lobby doors with energy efficient doors, replaced front and rear staircases with safer poured in place concrete stairs, added automatic door openers to lobby doors and installed a secure drop box outside town hall for important documents to be safely delivered when town hall is closed
  • Signed contracts to replace the Clove Road Bridge
  • Replaced the Forrest Glen bridge on the rail trail with grant funds
  • Performed scheduled annual road maintenance
  • Secured state and federal funding to build sidewalks, new lighting, and improved the Rail Trail
  • Completed an Inflow & Infiltration Study in the Sewer District utilizing a $100,000 grant and currently working on using American Relief Plan funding to make recommended improvements
  • Rebuilt the Town’s Transfer Station

Legislative Accomplishments

  • Wrote town’s first law encouraging commercial solar power arrays
  • Passed a law encouraging developers to give money to the parks, not “donate” worthless land
  • Adopted a local law regulating campgrounds through the creation of a Campground Floating District
  • Rewrote Gardiner’s ethics law to focus on conflicts of interest
  • Conducted an audit of the zoning code
  • Enacted a local law governing the Planning Board

Environmantal Accomplishments

  • Created the Open Space Law to protect working farms
  • Adopted criteria suggested by the Open Space Commission to rate parcels that may be donated to the town for conservation values
  • Reconstituted of the Open Space Commission
  • Installed EV Charging Station at entrance to the Gardiner Library with NYS DEC grant funding
  • Fully adopted Climate Smart Gardiner into town government structure and supported numerous climate-friendly initiatives
  • Completed and adopted a Natural Resource Inventory with the help of the Cornell Cooperative Extension and the NYS DEC
  • Protected the Kiernan and Hess farms from development
  • Created zoning to protect “The Ridge” and to maintain Gardiner’s rural character

Qualiity of Life Accomplishments

  • Brought internet services to residents previously unserved (Clove Road, Amani Lane, Windsor Drive, Phillies Bridge Road, Sharon Lane and Kelso Drive), using Construction Funds held by Spectrum
  • Constructed a new pavilion at Majestic Park paid for with donations
  • Continued to support efforts to keep Tillson Lake as is
  • Improved and added recreational programs
  • Appointed an Ambassador for Peace and Justice to deal with hate crimes
  • Worked with small businesses and the Gardiner Association of Businesses to make our town more “Business Friendly”
  • Supported construction of the new Gardiner Library which has become the center of cultural life in our community

Fiscal Accomplishments

  • Sold the old library for $100,000
  • Got Robert De Niro to reimburse the Town for $129,000 in legal fees
  • Kept Gardiner’s property taxes among the lowest in the county
  • Maintained the town’s financial reserves to protect against a severe recession