Dem Supervisor Candidate Lindsley Releases New Video

Lisa Lindsley, the 2017 candidate for Town Supervisor endorsed by the Gardiner Democratic Committee, has released a new video introducing herself to Gardiner residents who may not know her.


Read Lisa’s bio here.  Like Lisa’s Facebook Page here.

Please remember that we need all Dems registered in Gardiner to come and support Lisa at the Gardiner Democratic Caucus on Friday, July 14 at 7:00 pm at the Gardiner Town Hall.  Let’s get out there and support a real Democrat!

Save the Date! We Need You to Attend the Gardiner Dem Caucus!

If we saw you at Yard Owl, thank you!  Our fundraiser was a huge success!  We introduced our candidate for Supervisor, Lisa Lindsley and re-introduced our Town Board candidates, David Dukler and Warren Wiegand.  Six challengers to John Faso were also on hand. It was an exciting and hopeful day.

I Want YOU to attend the Gardiner Democratic Caucus!

I Want YOU to attend the Gardiner Democratic Caucus!

We’re writing to ask you to SAVE THE DATE!  We need you at Gardiner Town Hall for an hour or two on Friday, July 14th at 7 P.M.  As a member of the Gardiner Democratic Party, you have a vital role to play in endorsing our candidates for the upcoming November elections.

Local elections are the basis for all others and whom you elect in Gardiner will determine whether Democratic values inform the local laws passed here.  The Supervisor and Town Board members you choose make appointments to the various commissions and committees that make up our town government.  It is essential that these appointees reflect our progressive values as they deal with environmental, development and ethics issues.

These are quality of life issues for all of us and we need you to weigh in as to who serves as Supervisor, two Town Board members,  County Legislator, Town Justice, Highway Superintendent and Town Clerk.  Your vote is your voice and we want to hear it!

Please mark you calendars:  Friday, July 14th at 7 P.M. at Gardiner Town Hall.

It’s time to rebuild our democracy from the ground up and we cannot do it without you!

The Gardiner Democratic Committee

Gardiner Dems Endorse 2017 Slate of Candidates

On Thursday, May 12, at its regular monthly meeting, the Gardiner Democratic Committee endorsed a slate of candidates for the upcoming Town elections in November. The candidates are: Lisa Lindsley for Town Supervisor, David Dukler and Warren Wiegand for Town Board. Other endorsees include Tracey Bartels for Ulster County Legislator, Robert Rich, who is running for reelection as Justice for Town Justice Court; Brian Stiscia for Highway Superintendent; and Michelle Mosher for Town Clerk.

Lisa Lindsley for Town Supervisor
LL headshot goldmanLisa Lindsley is an activist and financial expert running for Town Supervisor in Gardiner. She has been an active member of the skydiving community in Gardiner for more than twenty-five years and has been a full-time Town resident since 2013. Lisa holds an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University and an MBA from NYU. Lisa uses her 30 years of experience in finance and her MBA to support non-profit organizations through her consulting firm, KarmaKapital, based in her home in Gardiner. She is a founding member of the progressive group, Move Forward New York 19 and the Ulster Immigrant Defense Network. Lisa has also been an active member of the group opposing the development of wetlands adjacent to Shaft Road in Gardiner.

Lisa is passionate about parks, open space, and smart development for Gardiner, as well as professionalism and sound financial management for town government. She is looking forward to putting her business leadership savvy and 30 years of experience in finance to work for Gardiner.

David Dukler for Town Board Member

david-dukler-squareDavid Dukler, a long-time Gardiner resident, is seeking election to his second term on the Gardiner Town Board. A social worker by training, David worked in the Arlington school District with both high school and elementary school students in his 21-year career there. His leadership experience is vast. He served on the New Paltz School Board for nine years, serving two years as Vice-president and two as President. He was on the Gardiner Library Board for four years, serving as President for three years. He has been on the Gardiner Town Board since 2013.

Some of David’s areas of focus have been the Rail Trail, serving as a liaison with the WVRTA and applying for grants to maintain the trail. He found a savings to the town of over $40,000 yearly by identifying a better health care plan for our retirees. He works closely with the Environmental Conservation commission and is liaison to the Town transfer station. Among his other efforts for the Town, David is concerned with improving the functioning of the variety of all-volunteer boards and commissions serving Gardiner.

Warren Wiegand for Town Board Member
Warren Wiegand, a familiar face in Gardiner, is running this year for Town Board. Warren has lived in Gardiner for more than 30 years and has previously served two full terms as a Town Board member, his most recent stint ending in 2015. He holds a BA from Trinity College and an MBA from Columbia University. Before bringing his knowledge and experience to Gardiner, Warren spent 35 years as a marketing and banking executive and as owner of his own communications firm, which he sold in 2003.

A natural listener and practical problem-solver, Warren has many civic accomplishments. Preservation of the Hess and Kiernan farms, successful negotiations with the town’s union, instituting fiscal discipline to keep taxes down, raising money for building the Town Library, as well as engineering the sale of the old library building, are just a few of these. In 2014 Warren developed and executed a successful plan to get the actor Robert De Niro to reimburse $129,000 in legal fees the Town had spent defending a law suit brought by De Niro’s accounting firm. During his time out of public office, Warren has continued to serve, currently as a member of the Gardiner Planning Board. He is intensely interested in continuing his work on the Town’s behalf in the areas of sound financial management and infrastructure investment as well as smart development.

Mike Boylan Not Reappointed to Planning Board

We have a victory to report to you. On May 2nd, the Gardiner Town Board voted to appoint environmental attorney Josh Verleun to the Gardiner Planning Board. In so doing, they denied a third consecutive 7-year term on that board to Mike Boylan, the owner of Wright’s Farm and one of the biggest land owners in Gardiner. We on the Gardiner Democratic Committee have for years lobbied heavily for more balance on the developer-dominated board that interprets and applies the town’s zoning laws. On Tuesday we got a step closer to that balance.

The vote was Dukler, Walls and Reynolds for Verleun’s appointment and Majestic and Hinson against. Town Supervisor, MaryBeth Majestic lamented the loss of Boylan and, in response to remarks from the floor about ongoing Planning Board biases in favor of development, gave a vigorous defense of town residents’ rights to develop their property as they wish.

We would like to publicly thank Town Board members Laura Faye Walls, David Dukler and Mike Reynolds for their votes in favor of Mr. Verleun’s appointment. Mike Reynolds especially showed extraordinary courage in the face of very strong political headwinds. Special thanks also go to our brothers and sisters in Move Forward NY 19, including, but not limited to, Debra and Jason Clinton and Lisa Lindsley. If you made a phone call or wrote an email, you made the difference. We are truly fortunate to be allied with such a wonderful group of activists. To our fellow members of the Gardiner Democratic Committree, thanks for all the hard work in this. You know who you are. And thanks to Carol Richman, for persisting as the sole voice in opposition to the status quo on the Planning Board. Stand by for reinforcements.

This, a single appointment to a rather obscure committee in a small Hudson Valley town, may not seem like much of a victory. But this is something we have been working on for a very long time. And, in the age of Trump, any victory for conservation, the environment, and open space is a significant one.

Gardiner Democrats Urge Town Board To Not Reappoint Boylan to Planning Board

Michael Boylan has asked to be appointed to a third consecutive term on the Gardiner Planning Board. Our committee is urging the Town Board to respectfully decline his request in favor of one of the several new applicants to the Planning Board. We appreciate Mr. Boylan’s long service, but think 14 years is enough.

Read the Gardiner Democratic Committee’s April 9 Letter to Supervisor.docx on this matter.
See the PB Training Analysis of the Planning Board’s performance on achieving the legally required levels of continuing education.

Latest Email Communication from Gardiner Dems

Faso Unmasked

March 22, 2017
Dear Fellow Democrats,
During last November’s election, Republican Representative John Faso promised the citizens of the 19th District that he would govern as a moderate. The fact is that Faso has voted with the Trump agenda 91% of the time. It was Faso who cast the deciding vote that moved Trumpcare out of the House Budget Committee last Thursday. Without his vote, the bill cou l d not have come to the House floor. Now Mr. Faso tells us that when the vote is taken on Thursday, he will vote yes on Trumpcare.

Despite continuous actions (Faso Fridays in Kingston), numerous personal pleas, phone calls, posts on Facebook, emails and letters to the Editor, Mr. Faso has betrayed the people of his district in favor of his party. His vote will deprive 93,000 of his constituents of health insurance. It will give huge tax breaks- $600-$700- billion to the wealthiest as well as tax breaks to Big Pharma and insurance companies. It will cut Medicaid payments to hospitals and nursing homes. And, it will defund Planned Parenthood.
Call John Faso’s office or leave a comment on his Facebook page or website. Let him know what you think about his proposed vote as well.

Kinderhook: < a href="tel:518-610-8133">518-610-8133
Kingston: 845-514-2322
Delhi: 607-746-9537
D.C.: 202-225-5614

March 26, Sunday, 3 P.M. at Gardiner Town Hall, Move Forward NY will review progress and plans at a general meeting. Meet potential candidates for Republican John Faso’s seat in the 2018 election. All are welcome!

The Gardiner Democratic Committee

Stay Tuned

It is that time in the election cycle when we are in the process of choosing candidates for the 2017 town elections. Stay tuned to this page for more information on those candidates.