June 22nd Primary: Vote for Richman and Wiegand for Town Board

We are doing a primary this year on June 22nd instead of our usual caucus to choose town candidates.  For more information on what that’s about, click here.  David Dukler is retiring from the town Board after two  productive terms (Thanks David!).

All voting will be at the Town Hall (no voting at the firehouse this election) from 6 am until 9 pm. Please plan on coming out to vote for the Gardiner Democratic Committee’s two endorsed Town Board  candidates,  Warren Wiegand and Carol Richman. 

Carol Richman is running for election to the Gardiner Town Board.  Carol is a local attorney who has made Gardiner her home for almost two decades. Like many of us, Carol was initially attracted by Gardiner’s exquisite landscape with its unique biodiversity.  She is committed to protecting this legacy and preserving Gardiner’s rural character and environment for future generations. To this end, Carol has served on Gardiner’s Environmental Conservation Commission from 2008 to 2014, including holding the position of Chair for a two-year term. Since then she has been a member of the Gardiner Planning Board, which applies the town’s zoning law.

Carol was an artist and designer before her law career. As a lawyer, Carol has practiced in variety of public-interest law fields. She will bring to the Town Board her legal expertise to help protect high-priority land, vitalize Gardiner’s business center and family farms, increase green infrastructure, and promote smart development and inclusive and affordable  housing.

Carol’s email is cprichman@gmail.com

Warren Wiegand is running for re-election to the Gardiner Town Board.  Warren needs no introduction  in Gardiner, having spent the last eighteen years working to make Gardiner a good place to live and to raise a family.  His contributions include:  being a leader in building the Gardiner Library, saving farms and open space from development and providing smart financial management for the town.  Warren served on the Town board for twelve years, including eight years as the Deputy Supervisor.  Also, he served on the board of assessment review, chair of the library’s fundraising committee, chair of the Open Space Commission, and as a member of the Gardiner Planning Board.

Warren’s public service career was preceded by a successful career as a businessman and marketing executive.  His top priorities for his next term include protecting Gardiner’s rural character while allowing sustainable development, maintaining the town’s financial strength while controlling taxes. Warren also prioritizes promoting diversity and inclusion in Gardiner as well as helping less affluent community members continue to live in Gardiner as housing values rise..

Warren’s email is wiegandwarren@gmail.com

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