Despite county legislative boundaries changing every ten years to accommodate population growth as measured by the U.S. Census, Gardiner has always resided within a single County Legislative District (currently Legislative District #16, now represented by Tracey Bartels).  This has enabled residents to take their concerns to a single county legislator who represents all parts of Gardiner.  The Ulster County NY Commission on Reapportionment was appointed to reassign legislative districts based on the population shifts in the 2020 census.

On April 26, that commission released a “final draft map” of county legislative districts for the period 2024-2033.  That map divides Gardiner into two different legislative districts.  It takes those portions of Gardiner that lie both north of Rt. 44/55 and west of the Wallkill River (currently Gardiner Election District #3) and assigns it to New Paltz.  Further, it combines a large portion of Shawangunk’s population (much greater than ever before) with the remaining parts of Gardiner.  If this map is accepted as final, Gardiner will be represented by two different county legislators.


This presents a host of problems including changed polling places and two different legislators (perhaps of different parties and governing philosophies) needing to agree on complex issues in order to represent Gardiner in the County Legislature.  This is BAD for GARDINER!  Gardiner’s interests are different from the interests of residents of New Paltz and Shawangunk.

Our only hope of keeping Gardiner undivided, in one county legislative district, is to make our voices heard to the seven-member Reapportionment Commission.  There are two public input meetings where we can do this:

  • 7:00 PM – Monday, May 16th at the Modena Firehouse, 1953 Route 44-55, Modena, NY 12548
  • 7:00 PM – Thursday, May 19th at the Saugerties Senior Center, Cantine Memorial Field, 207 Market Street, Saugerties, NY 12477

so the commission can hear your voice and KEEP GARDINER WHOLE!

If you can attend, please contact to join with others in our community and get more information prior to the events.